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Practicing Practice: Mastery, Mistakes, and Tiny Habits

Ask 100 people – they’ve all heard this phrase before: “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” I think this phrase is just about the worst phrase you can tell someone, because the time and place for doing something right is after you’ve done it 100 times, and know exactly what to do.…

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How do Kids Learn?

There have been a lot of studies done about how children learn. Since the early 1970’s researchers have been studying individual learning styles. They agree that a variety of patterns appear in a typical classroom. Understanding your children’s learning styles can help break ineffective study patterns that get in the way of your child’s learning.…

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Tips to Support Your Kids’s Efforts

The economy is tough these days and kids know it, no matter what economic background they come from. They are constantly reminded at school and at home. It’s hard for parents not to nag at kids constantly to work hard and study and do well so they can get into a good college and get…

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The Top 3 Games to Boost Your Study Skills

Studying doesn’t always have to be a drag. Any time you can do anything to make studying more interesting or fun, go for it. Below I’ve listed 5 board games that are a lot of fun but teach some high powered skills that will help you in your goals to study better. 1. The Settlers…

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How to Teach Basic Study Skills to your Kids

Even though I studied a lot when I was in school, I still wasn’t really sure how to teach my children how to study. Learning has always come pretty easily to them, and they’ve never had to study very much so far. My son just finished 6th grade and my younger son just finished 4th…

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