Normal Boys in Class

80% of “Not Great” Students Have This One Unsolvable Problem – But They Can Still Be Great Students

Normal Boys in Class

Normal Boys in Class

Are you the parent of a student having problems like this in school?

  • Getting Bs and Cs when you know they are easily capable of As
  • Does not begin major assignments until too late
  • Sometimes doesn’t hand in the homework they completed so they lower their grade
  • Minor behavior problems in school, like talking too much in class
  • Low effort grades on report cards

Congratulations! You are the parent of a perfectly normal BOY!

Boys have a harder time in school. Sitting still and listening in class is much more difficult for boys than girls of the same age. Being organized, disciplined, and persistent is more difficult for boys than for girls of the same age. The behaviors which get the best grades are more difficult for boys than for girls.

When we started this study smart program, it quickly became clear a large portion of the parents contacting us had boys who were having problems in school. The boys were getting lower grades, even though many of them were demonstrating good or even excellent mastery of the material on standardized test scores. The boys were not as successful as they could be at school.

This disconnect between test scores and grades backed up by solid research. Economists from the University of Georgia confirmed what many people suspected: Boys are being treated differently in school than girls.

It turns out when they followed 10,000 kids from kindergarten to 8th grade, boys were getting lower grades in school despite mastering the material just as well as girls. Teachers were favoring girls with better grades for the same level of competence.

It wasn’t some massive conspiracy from the teachers in the United States. It’s happening everywhere in the world. Rather, normal behavior which boys display was interpreted by their teachers as boys not showing an aptitude for learning.  

This dynamic is very frustrating for both the kids and the parents. The parents see the good test scores and compare them the grades on the report card. Parents get angry at their son for not doing well in school. The parents know he can do better because his test scores show competence, but that isn’t being reflected in the grades.

The son is trying hard enough that he get defensive about his actions. The situation quickly spirals downhill, and repeats every time a report card comes home.

Nobody wins in this situation. Yet, this exact situation is being played out every day, across thousands of schools, and tens of thousands of boys. It’s nobody’s fault, yet it causes misery for families with boys in school.

The problem is not the boy. He is behaving like a normal boy. It is just normal boy behavior is not the behavior which gets great grades (and gets kids into the best schools).

This difference between how boys and girls act in school is beginning to attract attention across the country. The academic community is beginning to realize boys have a very different way of approaching school, and this is having serious negative consequences for our economy!

Many school boards and principals are starting to recognize boys need different types of learning experiences than girls. They are beginning to implement changes in how schools treat boys and girls in grading.

Still, this change will be slow. It will not help your kid today with his grades next report card. It will take years, and possibly decades, before any substantial changes are made to your schools methods of teaching and grading boys.

Your son is facing problems today. What can you do to help your son right now?

The good news you can help him beginning today. Your son is not doomed to low grades and faltering test scores – and the second choice colleges which go with those scores. There are easy to learn techniques to help your son do better in school, in less time, with far less stress for him and for you.

No, the solution isn’t to storm into the principals office and demand higher grades for your boy. That’s not going to work, and it might just get you escorted off campus.

The solution is to give your sons the study skills they needs to be successful at school. Study skills are learnable and teachable even for your boy who can’t seem to sit down to do his homework.

We are huge on practice here at Study Smarter. Practicing study skills is one way to get better at them. We help boys by showing them easy to learn ways to ingrain good habits.

Let me assure you – these boys aren’t going to forget how to horse around, and getting them to clean up their rooms might still be…challenging. They won’t forget how to be boys!

Start with the tiny habit of pulling out their assignment notebook and opening it to the correct page every day when they sit down to do homework. It’s a good place to start, and the habit might just be enough to get your son started on the path to school success.

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