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77 Scripts to Create a “Growth Mindset” in your kids

One problem with getting kids to study smart is: Kids don’t want to study in the first place. Teaching kids good study skills is a key component of getting better grades, yes it is. But there is crucial first step – actually sitting down to study.

Being diligent about homework and study comes from caring about grades and school. The techniques to make them better at school will be far easier to learn if they truly care about what happens in school.

So, how can you get them to work hard and work persistently on school? How can you help your kids develop a “growth mindset”?

It turns out you can help your kids to see the value of hard work just by slightly changing how you talk to them. You can show them how high effort and hard work pay off with high grades and more fun at school.

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You want your kids to:

  • try hard even in difficult situations
  • find their inner grit to overcome challenges
  • buckle down on long, difficult projects

You can help them develop this mental toughness, which will make it much easier to learn better ways to tackle studying and improve their grades.

Get 77 Scripts which plant a Growth Mindset in your kids