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The #1 Way to Cut Test Study Time by 50%

Kids have far more homework do to now than we ever did when we were growing up. It is big problem – kids today have a huge amount of homework. My sons have between 30 minutes and 90 minutes of homework per night, even though they are only in grade school and middle school. You…

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Is My Kid Lazy or Just Too Smart for his Own Good?

Our older son’s Middle School uses an online website tool called “Power School” that has been a real blessing for us. What’s so great about it? It lets us see his grades, from all of his classes, at all hours of the day, 24/7. It takes away that mysterious feeling of unknowing when you are wondering how…

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77 Scripts to Create a “Growth Mindset” in your kids

One problem with getting kids to study smart is: Kids don’t want to study in the first place. Teaching kids good study skills is a key component of getting better grades, yes it is. But there is crucial first step – actually sitting down to study. Being diligent about homework and study comes from caring about…

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The “Pretend to Care” Technique: Case Study Success

Update:  This is a real note we just got from our son’s teacher after doing the “pretend to care” technique described in this post. Here is the important text: “Hi Nicole, C did great on his quiz today. I’m so proud of him. It appears he’s stepping up his game after our conference. I thought you would…

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Effort Leads to Higher Intelligence: How to Get Your Kids to Try Hard

Why do some “smart” kids give up so easily? You might have this issue with your kids – they score well on standardized tests, but those good scores are not showing up in the grades. They just don’t seem to want to try with their schoolwork. It’s not that your kids are getting failing grades.…

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How to Get Your Kids to Like School, Studying, and Just About Anything

Recently, we got some negative feedback from our younger sons teacher. Apparently, he is a bit too laid back in his approach to school. We followed up with the teacher (who is an excellent teacher and one we trust), and it seems he was not very engaged in class, and is not participating in classroom discussions.…

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Back to School: Start Strong with a Simple “One Binder” System

Everybody is probably now back in school, and the homework and study time grind is being felt these first weeks of September. Some large amount of success in school (and in life!) comes from doing the basic work, the work that needs to be done. It’s not always pleasant, but this work needs to be done…

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